Here at SM Athletic our Spartan Body Programme is aimed at the 30 plus family man who has quite simply let himself go.

Knows he needs to do something but one of two things is stopping him…

NOT knowing what to do


HATING conventional gyms, having absolutely ZERO motivation to go and maybe feeling a little INTIMIDATED stepping inside a gym where some twenty something year old is grunting in his string vest


  • Up to 4 training sessions per week (both weight training and conditioning work)
  • Access to our exclusive online nutrition platform that makes tracking your calories a breeze (while having a few beers and some tasty food too)
  • A private training facility exclusive to the guys on the programme
  • NO boys in string vests
  • NO meat heads
  • NO mirrors
  • UNFORTUNATLY NO half naked gym bunnies either... But can't have it all
  • PLENTY of banter and a coach to HELP you get RESULTS


Monday, Wednesday Thursday – 05:00, 06:15, 07:30, 18:00,19:15, 20:30

Sat – 06:45, 07:45


What happens after the 30 days?

There are a variety of options after the 3o days, you may decide to go it alone which is completely fine. But for those who want to push further there are options of 3, 6 or 12 month programmes. Or you can keep rolling monthly if you prefer to keep the flexibility.

What happens if I need to take a holiday  during my trial period?

No problem, we’ll extend your trial period so you get your full 30 days.

Can I join if I have slight pain or injuries?

With most of our current members being well into their 40's it's likely they have or develop minor niggles. So short answer is yes.

During your initial assessment we will determine if you are suitable based on your injury and if suitable adapt your training around this.


Do I need to be fit?

Absolutely not, most of our members have either started from scratch, having had no previous gym experience or haven’t exercised for a significant period of time.

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What Happens Next?

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