We Deliver Results for Busy Men

Men Over 30 From Hinckley and Surrounding  Areas

Welcome to our Exclusive Private Programme for Guys in Hinckley, Leicestershire

The Spartan  Body Programme covers all aspects of your Weight Loss and Muscle Building journey, from Nutrition to Mindset and Personal Training - We even have a laugh doing it!

For the price of your Saturday Night Takeaways and a Few Beers, you can lose weight and get fit, all without having to give up on the things you love


The Gym

Clients Only

Elite Coaching

Take Back Control


Meal Plan & Track 

from your Phone


Don't go it Alone

At SM Athletic, it's not just about the Gym - We cover EVERYTHING you need

- Structured Private Small Group Personal Training - Up to 4 Sessions Per Week - Every Week

- Complete 121 Coaching - Get Your Head in the Game and Keep it There - Regular 'Check-Ins', Seminars, Planners, Weekly Challenges and More

- Flexible Dieting for Your Busy Life - Plan, Modify and Stay on Track from Your Phone on the Go with 100's of Recipes including Restaurants, Fast Food and Alcohol

- No Women, No BS - Just Banter and Results

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Q: Im Busy... Will this take over my life?

We know how busy life can be, so our programme is designed to give you quick strategies for success...

Up to 4 X 1 hr Sessions Per Week 

Early Mornings and Late Night Options Available

Meal Planning and Tracking is Mobile, using our Battle Plan - Your new Bible

Q: How Much is It?                    

Our Programme is a package, all elements are included

Each Session works out to be less than £12 

...Less than a Round of Beers!

But you don't just get the Training, you get our Proven Recipe for Success


Just like the yorkie bar

'It's Not For Girls'

You'll be happy to know it's all performed in a private facility for MEN OVER 30

For our womens programme go here

Dale 37

"I feel Stronger, happier and fitter. Probably the best shape I’ve ever been in..."

Ash 42

"I started here for the 6 week programme and I’m still here 6 months later! Purely because I love the place. There’s no judgement, no intimidation and everyone I've met and trained with here have been brilliant. Good banter and a good laugh."

Gavin 42

"When I used to go to a gym I just used to find myself doing the same old thing running on a treadmill, jumping on a bike or maybe doing some weights but I didn’t really know what I was doing. 

We're a group of likeminded guys, sharing the same goal to get fitter, leaner and stronger. 

We inject a little bit of a competitive element in there too and the guys like that."

Need More Info On The Programme?

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