So I’m currently reading a book called ‘The Mindful Athlete’

It’s a book written by some dude called George Mumford, part biography part teaching the art of mindfulness

Now before you call me a hippy and completely switch off

This chap completely turned his life around from

  • complete chaos
  • Drug addiction
  • Contemplating suicide

To being what can only be described as an unstoppable bastard

Who was able to not only master the art of mindfulness to transform his life

But then he taught others

Prisoners, HARD ASS lifers


And Sports teams

Including the ‘Chicago Bulls’

Not forgetting the infamous MICHAEL JORDAN of course

Right at the point when they were… well SHIT

When they were STRESSED

When they were REACTIVE

When they were SELF SABOTAGING because they had lost that belief in their ability to WIN

So this dude George taught them to SLOW shit down

To Create Space between their THOUGHTS, FEELINGS and the REACTION that followed

Which was costing them at that point almost every game they played


He gave an interesting analogy about emotional hindrances

You may have heard this tale before my friend

Here’s a shortened version:


‘The Tale  Of Two Wolves’

“One day a man spoke to his grandson about a battle going on between two wolves

One wolf is evil.  It represents anger, envy, jealousy, arrogance, self-pity and resentment

The other wolf is good. It is joy, peace, love, and humility

The Grandson asks “which wolf will win?”

The Grandfather replies “The wolf that wins is the wolf that you feed”


So what’s the lesson?

well as George points out

We as human beings are often HARD WIRED into feeding the wrong emotional wolf without realizing it

And as a RESULT these NEGATIVE traits grow stronger and STRONGER

And then…

5 Common traits often follow:

  • Sensual desires – Cravings: Food (BINGE EATING), sex alcohol maybe a combination of all 3
  • Ill will or anger – Burned anything to the ground lately?  Keep spitting out the dummy and self-sabotaging EVERYTHING you start?
  • Spacing out OR lack of attention/ interest
  • Restlessness or worry – Just another name for Anxiety
  • Skepticism and doubt – Restlessness, worry and FEAR

So think of each of these traits as a wolf

The MORE we feed them, the STRONGER they become

And this can become a vicious cycle especially for people who like you who are trying to get lean

As quite often the way we RELEASE stress can be the very thing that CREATES it

Pissed with being a FAT dude and FAILING time after time to address it?


Because when YOU get STRESSED what is your go to place?

What is your DEFAULT programme?

  • EMOTIONAL eating?
  • All the above?

So would it not make sense to invest in addressing these areas


the cause of these areas

instead of looking for the next shiny object that promises RADICAL weight loss

From the latest ‘MUSHCOOKIE GURU”

Cos I can guarantee that if you don’t address this shit first

These Behaviors

These Fears

These Doubts

You are ALWAYS gonna fail my friend

Some food for thought right there huh?

So where’s a good place to start?

Get some headspace

Check it out on the app store

SLOW shit down

Then go HERE






and  APPLY to start working with me and 5 dudes who are just like you

STUCK and in need of some direction

That’s all I got this morning droogie

Scott ‘werewolf’ Mangles

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